Online Stalkers who Target Women with a Pretty Face, Beware!

Please sign this petition to close this site permanently, these predators use this site to post womens pictures on without their consent.  They own several sites, and this one,

Many women are  stalked online because of her pretty face by sexual predators.  They find a pretty face and go after them, they do this to many women I am finding, in the numerous lawsuits against the owner of this site . They own others, and it is NOT about revenge.  They find a pretty face online, on instagram, facebook, many social medias where pictures are shared .  They than stalked her for months, sometimes, watching her every move, reading her email messages, Facebook messages, everything and anythings she posts on line. They hacked into her private accounts and find her intimate photos and post her nude pictures with her full name and address on one of their sites, and on this one as well. They do it so you will pay them to take them down, using their online clean your reputation site. It is the ultimate form of sexual violence. They do this for money, their site make money from visitors, and advertisers. They steal pictures and ruin lives for personal gain. They continue doing this in record numbers, it is escalating and they are exposing women to sexual predators who know where they live and how to find them. It is so dangerous. Most of these women are scarred for life. This site needs to permanently be shut down to protect innocent lives from these criminals. They have criminal records and have served time, and I hope they will serve more for these crimes that should not go unanswered for.